The bar will be open (bartenders included) during the reception at no extra cost to you. Your guests will be able to purchase mixed drinks, wine, bottled beer, and soda.

Keg Beer

You may purchase kegs of beer for your guests. $250 for domestics and $275 for imported (as available).

Signature Drinks

Make an appointment prior to your event and with the assistance of our bartenders create you  own unique siganture drink for your wedding.

Hosted Bar

If you wish to offer a hosted bar, staff will keep a running tally of drinks purchased throughout the night. You have option to do full or partial. Example if you want to set a $3000 limit,  we will still keep a running total and stop the "hosted bar" option when the limit is reached.

Outside Alcohol/ID/Rights

All alcohol must be purchased through the bar. Outside alcohol is not allowed. If special liquors are requested, we can pre-order them. We will ID. Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service for the safety of our guests. Bartenders are Serve Safe certified.


Bartenders have the ability to run a tab for the members of the wedding party if desired.